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Looking to increase WebXam test scores? Check out these assessment items.

The following course assessment items (questions, activities, and project ideas) are aligned to the specific Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels of rigor for the course competencies. Implementing the assessment items or similarly created assessment items at the specific DOK levels of rigor for the course competencies will ultimately impact student learning in your class and increase performance on your WebXam test. If you would like more information regarding how to create your own assessment items for a course, please contact Christi Kerns, Penta Career Center,740-646-3962.   

Advanced Chemical Services
Advanced Hair Cutting and Styling
Collision Painting & Refinishing
Construction: Structural Coverings and Finishes
Greenhouse and Nursery Management
Microbiology and Infection Control 


“Make Your High School Years Count” information now available for download in four versions:
Colored Booklet (2 pages front and back.
Colored One Page
Black and White Booklet (2 pages front and back)
Black and White one Page

College Tech Prep Career Planning Guide for Students and Parents
8th Grade 1 page flyer to view on website.
8th Grade 1 page flyer for print.

Senior Project Manual, PDFSenior Project Manual, Word
Anatomy and Physiology Course of Study
Senior Math Course of Study

Helpful Websites:

I would like more information on instructional practices and projects.

I would like more information on curriculum resources and lesson plans.

How can I find information on various career and labor market needs.

Where can I find some instructional resources for teaching students with disabilities?

See entire list of links, including links for associations, career and technical information, tech prep, colleges and universities, college transfer, and much more!

Videos and Handouts:

Preparing for College, Video (Please print Quick Facts and Tips and Senior Checklist before viewing Preparing for College.)

Why Take the COMPASS Assessment, Video

Understanding Your COMPASS Assessment Scores, Video

Comparison of COMPASS, ACT and Accuplacer Scores, Student Handout

Proctoring the COMPASS Assessment, Video

Strategies for Taking the Standardized Tests, Video

Other Helpful Information

Applying to College is a Snap (student informational brochure)

Website Resources



College Transfer


There are multiple online curriculum resource centers maintained by professional associations, foundations, state and federal agencies, colleges, and universities. The next two sections focus on school/teacher/student curriculum centers, and those maintained by corporations and organizations.
General Curriculum:
The Arts:
Language Arts and Literature:
Lesson Plans
Information Indexes
An information index is a set of topic menus and sub-menus where selections are narrowed to find what you need. Yahoo is the most popular, but there are other choices, including indexes customized for students.
Libraries and Museums
The following sites will link you to libraries, museums, and exhibits throughout the world. They also allow you to communicate with experts and explore special topics in depth.


Online Workplaces
Preparing for College