Articulation and Transfer Definitions

The following definitions apply when used in context with Career and Technical Education high school and college programs:

Articulated or bi-lateral credit is credit earned in high school and awarded when the student is accepted at a college that has an agreement (pre-approved credit) with the student’s high school. To receive the college credit, the student, with the help of their school, will need to petition the college for credit. Please contact the selected college for more details. There is no cost to the student.

Career Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG or CT2) is type of articulated credit  provided by the State that can be used at Ohio public colleges and universities. Credit is awarded if the student’s high school and the receiving college have successfully demonstrated to the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) that their course content for a particular course meets the state established guidelines. The courses are technical courses. To receive the CT2 credit, the student, with the help of their school, will need to complete CT2 verification forms. Please see the ODHE web site for more details.There is no cost to the student. To see a full list of courses/schools that have been approved for CT2 credit, click here.

Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) is credit for certain, pre-approved courses, and are transferred between colleges. These courses are sometimes offered to students in high school through dual enrollment. Click here for a list of TAG approved courses/colleges.

College Credit Plus: Students earn credit for high school and college at the same time. The high school and college have agreed that the course content meets the college expectations and the teacher is qualified to teach at the college level. The students will be awarded a transcript from the college and can access the transcript upon request. The student will need to contact the college they will be attending to determine if the transcripted credit is accepted. The student will want to talk to his/her high school teacher to determine if there is a cost for the credit.

Transcripted Credit is college credit that is on a college transcript. If a student has earned transcripted credit, the college will issue them a transcript upon request. To find out how to obtain a transcript, visit the college website that is issuing the credits and do a search for “transcript”. College Credit Plus is a type of transcripted credit.