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Planning for college videos:

Module 1: Campus Life
This module looks at college life such as dorm living and extra-curricular activities. It also talks about the range of support and administrative services available to college students.
Supplement: Module 1 – Inside the World of College Discussion Questions
Module 2: Academic Understanding
This module looks at how students schedule classes, faculty course expectations and personal responsibility for time management.
Module 3: Adjusting to a New Environment
This module looks at all aspects of college life from academic, social and financial challenges and provides information about resources available at most post-secondary institutions.
Module 4: Self Awareness
This module identifies effective conflict management and provides tips for maintaining personal success.
Module 5: College Study Skills
This module helps students recognize the differences between high school and college courses in relationship to rigor and provides tips and hints to improve their study skills.
Supplement: Module 5 – How to read a college textbook
Module 6: Notes to Parents
This module provides tips to parents. It focuses on the application process, transferability of courses and assistance about securing financial aid for their child.
Module 7: Financial Management
This module really focuses on assisting the student with developing a spending plan so they can leave college with the minimum of debt.
Supplement: Module 7 – Budget Plan Handout

 Planning for your career:

College Tech Prep Career Planning Guide for Students and Parents

“Make Your High School Years Count” information now available for download in four versions:
Colored Booklet (2 pages front and back.
Colored One Page
Black and White Booklet (2 pages front and back)
Black and White one Page

If you scroll down, you will see a long list of links to some great websites. Or, you can use the following links to take a short-cut to the topics that interest you.

I would like information about career choices.

How do I pay for college?

How do I prepare for college?

I would like some test taking tips and strategies?

See entire list of links, including links for Academic Help, Career Awareness, Funding Your College Education, Preparing for College, Preparing for College for Students with Special Needs, and Test Taking Tips and Strategies

Videos and Handouts:

Preparing for College, Video (Please print Quick Facts and Tips and Senior Checklist before viewing Preparing for College.)

Strategies for Taking the Standardized Tests, Video

Other Helpful Information

Applying to College is a Snap (student informational brochure)


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Academic Help

Career Awareness

Preparing for College for Students with Special Needs

Test Taking Tips and Strategies