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■In the freshman and sophomore years in high school, you can explore the variety of career fields available to you.
■Participate in a first year experience program if your school offers them.
■Prepare for a technical career by taking higher level math and laboratory science classes.
■Be an active participant in the preparation and update of your Individual Academic and Career Plan.
■Meet with your counselor to discuss your career goals and enroll in a Tech Prep program prior to your Junior year.

■Be part of the development of your child’s Individual Career Plan during their 8th grade year.
■Talk to your child about their career field interests. Each career field leads to a wide variety of careers.
■Carefully review the high school course selections so you are aware of what opportunities are available to your child.
■Attend your school’s open house to learn what’s new at the school.
■Parents often serve on Program Advisory Committees. Call the teacher if you are interested.

Business and Industry Partners
■Volunteer to be a guest speaker in a Tech Prep program. Students need to hear from our local employers about the expectations of the workplace.
■Be a mentor to a Tech Prep student.
■Provide an opportunity for Tech Prep students to tour your worksite.
■Provide part-time work for Tech Prep students.
■Assist a student with their senior project.
■Hire a Tech Prep graduate.