Welcome to the NWO Tech Prep Center!

The Northwest Ohio Tech Prep Regional Center and Ohio Logistics in Findlay, Ohio are proud to sponsor TWO FREE cybersecurity workshops in August 2019: Essentials of Community Cybersecurity and Understanding a Targeted Cyber-Attack
These cutting edge workshops are being presented by Texas A&M University in conjunction with a grant from United States Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. During these two separate workshops, participants will examine the different types of cyber-attacks, how communities are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and incidents, and what types of organizations are most likely to be targeted. Space is limited and participants will be chosen in the order of registrations received.

Please click here to register by July 10.
Please click the following links for more information: Wednesday, August 14, Essentials of Community Cyber Security and Thursday, August 15, Understanding Targeted Cyber Attacks.

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